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The Livelihoods Innovation through Food Entrepreneurship (LIFE) Program seeks to support members of the refugee and host community in Turkey develop sustainable livelihoods in the food industry. With two food enterprise centers (FECs), one in Istanbul and one in Mersin, our objective is to help support you plan, launch and improve your food-based business.

Entrepreneurs who join the LIFE Project become Members of the LIFE Food Enterprise Center (FEC) and commit to four months of business incubation. The incubation experience includies 60 hours of in-class training and business support services including mentorship, information about business registration, access to finance, and much more. Members are encouraged to use the FEC to develop and grow their businesses, taking advantage of the commercial-grade kitchen, and space for meetings, events and co-working. 

The LIFE Project is free of charge for participating entrepreneurs.

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